Why my codepen for the project don't have the dropdown menu

My Codepen for the HTML project don’t have the dropdown menu . Somebody help me

You will have to provide some more information.

  1. Do you have a link to your CodePen?
  2. What HTML project are you working on?
  3. What dropdown menu are you referring to?

i use the link that the HTML projects given
all projects also don’t have the dropdown menu
the dropdown menu is to check the test and run the test

Are you using the link to the CodePen template? Because that CodePen does have the dropdown.

If that does not work maybe you can try another browser?

Maybe you are using a CDN (a link in the header of the HTML) And codepen don’t read CDN in that way. In your codepen project go to seetings, and check libraries. Put the CDN there.

ya . TQ it works when i open it in other browser. Tq very much

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