Career advice needed

My tech interview lasted 7 mins…so I don’t know if it was quick because I was good or if it was quick cause I was bad. Tech guy didn’t seem too happy about the interview but recruiter said that they will contact me till next monday about assignment. So I’m confused if I passed it or not. :confused:


You said that one of your problem is that offers that you get are totally not related to you skills, and I thought maybe the problem is you made wrong emphasis in your LinkedIn profile or in you resume. Because writing your resume right - it’s 50% of the success. I’ve got the same problem, so I use different resume writing helpers. It really helps to make a good structure, pint out spheres where you are the best and make it easy on the eye for HRs.

I don’t know if it’ll help you, but it definitely was the solution of my problem. You may check this resume service, for example.

Hope it’ll help, and wish you good luck!

For those who’s been following my story and for those who will read it in future. Today my contract has been cancelled because of “being too expensive”. They get too little money from my projects so I have 30 days to find new job. After that I’m on my own and situation on job market in my city doesn’t look good. I have some money saved but if it rans out before I find a job I will have to go back living with my family and send my girlfriend back to her country. :frowning:

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your job! :frowning: I’m in a similar relationship/life situation except I’ve already been forced to move home to my parents in Sweden and my boyfriend lives with his parents in England, and it’s hard, it really is…

I’ve never worked as any sort of web developer and I didn’t study computer science at university (I really wish I had now!) In fact I only recently started FCC to help me get a job/keep me sane while applying for other jobs so I can’t really give you any advice :confused:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you though and hope that you’ll find something better soon! Just keep on looking and applying for jobs even though they might seem a bit out of reach!

This may turn out a blessing in disguise, given that the existing situation was pretty bad anyway. I guess it’s too much to hope you would get severance pay? But at least you have the 30 days…

I’m hoping for the best for ya. :slight_smile:

Of course I won’t get it. In couple days I will get paid for working in May and if I work till end of June I will get paid for that but that’s it. It looks like I’m going to end up unemployed which may be a good thing cause I will have time to study.

In theory I should be able to look for a job till October so that’s 3 months of full studying on FCC. Do you guys think it’s possible to get much of FCC in 3 full months? I mean 160h of studying per month or even more!

Do you guys think it’s possible to get much of FCC in 3 full months? I mean 160h of studying per month or even more!

You can definitely spend this much time studying though you might hit diminishing returns at some point. I’d spend a decent chunk of time implementing your own project ideas too, rather than just the FCC projects.

I’m very fortunate in that I don’t need to work a full time job right now, but I’ve had some minor success in working freelance jobs. I think it’s tough to make a career out of that, but it could help a bit and give you some direction while you look for a better full time position.

I will try do work on my ideas as well. I have couple of them but some seem complicated even in my head.

Also I want to try those: