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I have joined a startup that works extensively on web projects but the very first day they showed me the whole app made using angular cli and over that they force me learn them as without learning them in quickly i may lose the job and i have prior knowledge of javascript and react .

So i am in pure dilemma what should i do as i am getting everything at once and i am not able to cope with it.Request your suggestion and advice.

Take a deep breath. You’re ok. The first 100 days or so of a new job are daunting, exhausting, overwhelming, intimidating. You’re going to learn Angular and you’re not going to lose your job over it. Start with the documentation on It’s quite good and they have a tutorial app that familiarizes you with Angular very well. Use your fellow developers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask to pair up with someone. Angular also has a very strong online community. Many of the core developers are active in the Gitter room, on reddit, on Twitter, etc. Your company has money budgeted for you to spend time ramping up on the relevant technologies and their codebase. (Part of why employers are so cautious about hiring developers they aren’t sure about is because it is extremely expensive to train a new developer before they are “pulling their weight”.)

Breathe, babe. You got this.

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Agreeing with previous comments from our fellows and giving my 2 cents:

  • Startup environments are mainly delivery-based. If you want to work for startups, keep in mind that the salaries can be really good, but learning (and delivering) in high speed is the default expectation.
  • Even in startups, maintaining existent applications is a big part of our jobs. As a developer is very difficult to find an environment where you just create features from scratch all the time.

Stay strong and good luck.

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Thanks everyone for your advice