Lost my job after nine years

So am unemployed after nine years. Front end web developer. My question, I seem to be running into these questions?

Do you have Angular experience?
Do you have React experience?
How about javascript?

My background is heavy in HTML email development, CSS3 / SASS, I am Subject Matter expert in Email and styling.

If I were to learn Angular, React or js through Lynda.com , what’s the best one to learn to help my job search?

it seems the trend is for designers to be more well rounded. kinda shows why its so important to always keep learning. not judging you, your story just kinda scared me a little.

to be honest in my opinion the angular and react websites have good enough tutorials if youre willing to work through them slowly, but you really need to understand javascript first before any of it will really make sense or being able to build anything with complexity.

so for now id say focus on javascript and once you get the hang of it then react and angular gets really easy. any video that focuses on the fundamentals is good. i really like tutorials from a guy named Mosh Hamedani. but mostly just watching youtube videos about javascript is helpful to me. I dont think any single tutorial is ever enough though so just watch and read and practice as many things as you can

welcome onboard the struggle bus. good luck

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I’m currently learning Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours) and later planning to learn native react, react and node.js.

IMHO you should build your profile as Full Stack Developer which will increase you chances of getting much better job.

All the very best and I’m sure you will get job at the earliest with help of freecodecamp.


I thought HTML email development was still a pretty specialized skill and in demand as well. Is this not true anymore? Are you applying for such jobs or have you switch to full stack?

There are so many resources but I’m not sure Lynda is the best for web development, although I haven’t looked in a long time (they do have high quality stuff in general).

There is always udemy

Definitely focus on JavaScript. Angular and React are JavaScript frameworks. While you’re studying JS, read up on React and Angular so you at least can talk about what makes them interesting and what their pros and cons are. It doesn’t matter a great deal which you learn first. If you know one, you can pick the other up on the job.

JavaScript is going to be the limiting factor, so really commit to that.