Career Change: From Electronics Engineering to Interaction Design or Visualization Developer

Hi All,

I’d like to get your advice with regards to career changes.

I’ve worked as an electronics engineer at a semiconductor company for 3 years and I have this voice inside of me, my creative side that I felt like its dying. You know, working in a manufacturing industry is incredibly technical, straightforward and analytical and I feel like I’m burned up without making use of my creative arsenal. I guess I am both technical and creative, used to work as a graphic designer in college as a side job and I wanted to make use of those skills.

I’ve been wanting to get into Interaction Design/Engineering or as a Visualization Developer because I think these fields harness both the creative and technical part of things and I have a great interest and passion for it. Also, I’ve been trying to build up a portfolio in the past 3 months but I’m still very doubtful about it that I don’t still have coded projects to showcase. I feel like I’m running out of time.

I’ve quit my job a week ago and it kinda feels scary I may not get a job that I feel I wanted to be into. I feel like I might end up again in companies I’m struggling to work with.

When could you say that your portfolio is already enough for an employer to consider you for the job? Do you think I can complete a portfolio within 2-3 weeks?

Can you provide me some guidance? Would really appreciate if you could shed some light. :slight_smile:


It depends. Do you already have a good handle on programming, d3.js, and front end development? If all you need to do is finish some projects, then 3 weeks would be plenty of time.

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Thanks for the response.

I have a command for C/C++ and I’ve started learning Javascript a month ago. They are very similar but there are a lot of things that still differ. I’ve completed HTML and CSS here in FCC and halfway on Javascript algorithm challenges. I’ve started subscribing on dashingd3js hoping I would accelerate my learning D3.

I’m still very doubtful about my timeframe though. Do you think I should apply for front-end dev jobs first?

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You have nothing to lose by applying immediately and often. Whether or not you get hired is not something anyone can say. Your chances depend heavily on the number of jobs available. The process from turning in your resume to signing a contract can take weeks, so the sooner you start the better.


This is a very helpful advice. Thanks!

I’d probably apply for Jr-mid level positions.(just to learn /get used to the new field
Good Luck!

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Thanks guys for all the response. I was able to get an internship contract in Switzerland and I think my portfolio was the biggest factor! And especially the skills I learned from FCC helped me to build it. :slight_smile: