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Hey guys,

it is a bit long, provided some info about myself so you can base your answer on that, I’ll add a TL;DR for people that don’t want to read it all. (but it is a weightless question ;p)

I began learning web dev was inspired by a friend that was into it more of a seo guy.
He made websites and became his own successful man. I was inspired by it, had a wordpress website, didn’t like it and wanted to learn how to do make it myself instead of a generated theme.

I am guy that believe if I stick something long enough eventually fruits will go and I will be able to help people or provide service for people, so my goal in mind is having my own business.

Since hitech environment is blooming in my country, working in a company and learning from there can only enrich my knowledge and help my first goal.

But I am not a set in stone guy, I am flowable I have noticed about myself such strict goals can cause me depression and demotivation, so I don’t tend to be too hard on myself.

Anyway, I studied html + css got the cert here, right now at the intermediate algorithm course, question is, at what step am I ready to make my own projects? or apply for a job? or make let’s say “cool looking active websites”.
I do believe in finishing the JS course first it is something that I want to do and I like passing those stones for me it’s like questing in a game ( I am a gamer ).
I am 26 years old btw.

TL;DR how long till I am ready to make my own websites / apply for a job / projects.


I would not even consider applying for anything without the first 3 certs. You can try, but I don’t think you’ll have much luck. Realistically, the first 6 certs is more like it, a solid foundation of a MERN stack, a marketable skill. For me, I did that (the other certs didn’t exist yet) and spent another year building projects and learning before I got my job. #ymmv

There is not set timeline. There is not set path. There is no guarantee. But if you work hard and keep learning and keep building things, the odds of you getting a job slowly increase and I believe it is just a matter of time at that point. But it will take a lot of work and will probably take longer than you’re hoping.

As to “building projects” you’re going to be doing that all along. Once you have the 3rd cert, you have the basic tools for a basic front end site. The 5th cert will give you the tools you need to build a fullstack site - that’s when things start to get interesting. All the projects that I built that got me my job were built on the knowledge that I got from the first 5 certs. If you want to start building things on the side for fun, do it after the 3rd cert, I’d say. But don’t get sidetracked from your path - keep learning.


Not in a rush I know it takes time!

Thanks again for your wise words ;p

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