Cats bounce update :D

This is my portfolio updated with cat icons as fixed nav.
some feedback would be most welcome, cause i changed my mind too many times while doing this…
not sure if i should leave it this way or not :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Problem with those icons is that you can’t tell what they mean.

:house:, :open_file_folder:, :postbox:, :wrench: - you can guess which icon corresponds to which part of your portfolio.

:grin:, :construction_worker_man:, :sunglasses:, :yum: - much harder :wink:

I was viewing your portfolio on mobile, so I couldn’t see icon tool tips, but they only work if window width is at least 800px :disappointed: and on touch devices there is no :hower so no tool tips at all.

When viewing your page on widescreen notebook I get two vertical scrollbars which is annoying. Probably you should check height of your elements.

well, i was trying them out…
i realized myself that those icons are not relevant :confused: … i’ll just have to figure out how to make something different but recognizable.
and yes, i removed tool tips on tablet/phone widths, because of space and hover… i’ll have to make a slide in/out menu or something for these (not yet though, since i didn’t add gallery or other projects… it would be pointless to make that menu for just the first page)
thanks for the crit :smiley:

i just noticed and i have no idea why is that… i’ll have to check it again

Another thing: your profile source image is huge (1000x1300, 1.3MB).

You should reduce resolution or at least just compress it (I tried and it got compressed by 78% to 300kB :astonished:). I personally do it for all my images.

O.o :eyes: i tend to forget that… usually i just try them out, until i’m sure i’m gonna use them.
wait, you mean ‘my picture’? if i compress it, it won’t be png anymore. :confused:
is there a way to compress png’s without losing transparency?

That online tool I linked will compress without changing anything.

:slight_smile: yup…
it does…

:blush: thanks again… :sweat_smile: