Feedback for personal portfolio webpage

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Open for all issues.

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I like the image transitions you do for your projects.

You could do something similar for your nav links.

What image transition are you talking about? There is only one image in the project which is displayed for a device with width>=720px.

Add some bottom padding to the navbar

Oops, forgot abt that part but did it. any problem related with responsiveness?

Change the width of #about-me to 80% on mobile.
Otherwise add some margin, it’s not responsive on screen with a resolution lower than 450px.
The navbar disappears and the icons format doesn’t look good.

the only problem is that I’ve used overflow-x as hidden because width of one of the divs is going greater than the screen-width. Can you figure out which one of them is causing the issue. Also, I’ve changed the width of about-me.

I am talking about your project boxes. When mouse hovers them , you are scaling them to bigger sizes.

Updated my pen, can you guys please check it out again and tell me if there are any more issues with the code. This project really matters to me.