Personal Portfolio (FCC)

Hello, this is my attempt to the Personal Portfolio project:
If you have any advice for me, thanks!


On my desktop it is pretty large. It does look better on smaller screen.

You background image looks great and I like the color difference for each section.

But there are Two main things:
Your Project images are not showing up. You are getting a 403 status error for each image.

You icons are really huge - even on the smaller screen. You may want to make them a little smaller.

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Thanks. It seems like I uploaded the images somewhere temporary so the links are now dead. Will have to upload them at a permanent host. I may then resize the icons

As @KoniKodes said your social icons are too big. Instead of using images for that icons i would try to use ether some font icons or svgs that are easily scallable.

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I had that problem when I first started here. The site I was using crashed and I lost my access to the images in my projects. Fortunately, I had a copy on my pc.

I finally bought the security for my site and now I host all fcc project images there.

@sorinr has the correct solution for the social icons.

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thanks, I 'll check out the svg and font icons solutions

If you don’t plan to use more font icons except that twos better go for svgs. Not worth to load an entire library like font awesome, or any other lib, to just use two icons .

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I found a way to use dropbox shared files for hosting. The trick was to replace “?dl=0” with “?raw=1” in the generated link. Now the project images should be up permanently :slight_smile:

I did not think of Dropbox, but it makes sense.

Glad it worked :blush:

I’m still new to svg, and I don’t use font awesome. Thanks for the info.

Thank you that is very helpful

@lefterisKl, I’m very impressed with the Test feature!!!

Can you break down how it works?

Do mean the FCC test-suite?

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That’s an awesome feature fcc added since I’ve done my portfolio project.

I just forked this and then worked on top of it.