Certificate not showing in profile

I completed the Responsive Web Design course a few months ago, and when I did I completed all the steps, Academic Honesty Policy, Set Profile to public, all of that. It Showed the Certificate in my profile page back then but today when I hopped on to start onto the next one I went over to profile to check and the Certifications section reads “No certifications have been earned under the current curriculum”. I hopped on the forum, did a quick search saw that a common issue was people accidently creating a new profile. I did not do this as my profile picture, name, settings, and even all my work on the Responsive Web Design Course is still there. When I click “Claim Certification” it gives me a banner that tells me I have already claimed this certification. Any help resolving this would be super appreciated!

And for clarification, I have my Profile, Name, Points, My Certifications, and My Portfolio all set to Public. Also if I scroll down in settings it shows my certificate for RWD there in settings, but still not in Profile.

I am having the exact same issue

If the certification is set to public, it must look like that :arrow_double_up:

It should but it does not.

Hey there!

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and reloading the page? When I visit your profile, I see the certification:

Having the same problem here. Still no solutions out there? All the steps mentioned here bring no success…

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