Certifications earned and valid but not showing

I earned the Responsive Web Design certification and for a week it was showing under my profile pages “FreeCodeCamp certifications” section. However now when I go to my profile page it says “No certifications have been earned under the current curriculum”. However, when I go to the curriculum and click show certification, it shows my valid certification. I have already claimed it and enabled all of my proper settings. If I refresh my page I can even see the responsive web design certificate button for a brief second before it disappears. What can I do to fix this issue?

check your settings and see if you have things set to private that would hide the certificate

I just double checked that all of my settings were set to Public and made sure to refresh the page but unfortunately no solution.

is it showing as claimed in the settings?

maybe you need to write to support so they can help you directly (support@freecodecamp.org)

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