Certification does not appear in profile

Good afternoon,

yesterday, I’ve finish all projects of the responsive web design course, I’ve already claimed the certification and set all of my profile in public, but, my certification doesn’t appear in the profile. can someone help-me with this?

Seems like maybe a known issue…


Read that link then maybe post that info or send a message to support

In your settings, is “My profile” set to public?

Is “My name” set to public?

Is “My certifications” set to public?

When you scroll to the correct section on your settings page, do you see a “Show Certifcation” button?

Have you accepted the Academic Honesty Pledge?

Yes I did it! but still not working.


Does portfolio need to be “Public” as well?

Seems the only other possibly related thing that is still “Private”.

No clue here just taking a stab at it.

I’ve tried already, but thankyou anyways.

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