Certificate not showing up

Hello, I just finished my JavaScript course, changed my settings accordingly (certifications and portfolio set to public), accepted the integrity policy, claimed the certificate but I still cannot visualize it.

do you maybe have not set a name in the settings?

You have your name set to private change it to public then your name will show up on the certificate.

Hi, I’m also not able to see my certificate. Whenever I’m clicking to see my certificate it is showing this => fcc60989800-ee9a-48e6-b258-2491798baa5e has chosen to make their portfolio private. They will need to make their portfolio public in order for others to be able to view their certification.
Kindly, let me know how to resolve this issue.

Welcome @poojasingh1231 ,

Are you maybe using the development site freecodecamp.dev instead of the production site freecodecamp.org?

Otherwise, please ensure your username and name are set in the settings, and your certifications and name are set to PUBLIC.

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