Issue having my certificate

I have some problem downloading and seeing my certificate, they told me to give my name so they can put it on my certificate but still I can’t see my certificate.

Where are you looking for it? All the certificates you have earned will be listed as links on your profile page ( as long as your privacy settings allow it to be shown.

Could you Send me a screenshot so I can see how it will look like please!

Here’s what I see.

That’s your settings page, where you will claim certificates. It looks like you haven’t completed/claimed any yet though.

As an example of what a public profile with a certificate looks like, you can look at mine:

I see but they said no certification earned even though I’ve completed the projects.
I don’t know what to do.

See what they say when I click on “claim certificate”.

It looks like your account doesn’t have your name. Have you added that and submitted the update?

Yes I did but still doesn’t seem to work.

When you go to your settings page, do you see your name field filled in?
You can try logging out and back in again if you are still getting the error.

No it’s not filled.
Sure. I am going to try your idea and then I’ll let you know.

Thank you so much I finally have my certificate, thanks to your idea.

I really appreciate your help.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you and best regards.

Hello sir! Hope you are doing well.
I have a little problem with seeing my certificate, it says the user is not eligible to see his freeCodeCamp’s certificate at this time.
Thanks in advance.

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