Challenges code dissapear?

Hello, is there way to see my solutions to challenges?
Not project, just ordinary challenges to complete curriculum.
Because when i want to see my solution and click on completed challenge, code is empty.
It should be saved in browser cache right? Or is it only for projects?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I believe the code is cleared from your web browser’s local storage after your solution is accepted, which is a pity, because it is nice to go back and see how you solved a problem in the past.

If you want to keep a record of your solutions, you might copy them and save them to your hard drive.

The solutions stay in your local browser cache until the cache is cleared.

Hmm,i am using firefox when i click again on submitted chalange,code is reseted…

Are you sure? Try submitting the correct answer (“submit and go to the next challenge”) to this challenge, then go back to the original challenge page. When I do this, I am greeted with a totally blank slate, no matter how I return to the page, and my browser definitely does not clear the cache.

|EDIT| My browser is Chrome Version 107.0.5304.107 (Official Build) (64-bit), for reference.

That’s not what my browser does.

so i guess there is more people with this problem…its really frustrating, when you come back and everything is deleted…

Which browser are you using, if I may ask?

It will depend upon the browser settings you picked what happens to your cache

Are you really sure about that? According to the FCC github pages, it is an intended feature. [1] [2]

In any case, it is highly unlikely that my browser is configured to clear the cache if and only if I click “submit and go to the next challenge” on a particular website.

Am I actually sure about what I am watching my browser literally do in front of me? Yes.

Am I sure that the codebase behaves in ways consistent with GitHub issues from 7 and 3 years ago? No.

i use safari, chrome and firefox (depending on the time of day and computer I’m on)
they all save my solutions.

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Interesting. My solution saves when I run the tests, but clears when I fully complete the submission flow.

Maybe it depends on the challenge?
The projects all save the code…but the steps do not?

It has been like that forever. If you are signed in it clears it, if you are signed out it keeps it.

One of the reasons given, as far as I remember, is that we do not have a fool-prove way of dealing with localStorage getting filled to its limit. The browser storage is also transient and if people clear it but do not know the code is stored in localStorage and not in a DB connected to the user account it may be confusing why all the saved code can disappear.

The certification code is saved though (unlike the challenges).


Yes,projects are saved but ordinary steps not.

Did you attempt to follow my instructions for replicating the issue? Note that in order to submit the solution, you must be logged in. If you are not logged in, there will be no button labeled “submit and go to the next challenge” as I specified; instead, there will only be an option to “go to the next challenge,” because an unknown user cannot have any progress tracked.

Yes, we “attempted to follow your instructions”. Just because we see something different doesn’t mean we are ignoring what you are saying.

On this computer I’m getting the behavior you describe above - the solution is cleared upon submission. I wasn’t getting that before.

I am glad that you saw something different. Perhaps you would like to share the settings you have on your other computer that prevent the site from deleting a solution from local storage.

However, it is not my intention to assert that your computer must behave in any particular way. I asked that others test it out, as I previously tested it out on various computers and browsers some time ago when I first encountered it (incidentally, I was replying to hbar1st there, not you). In your replies above, you seem to be implying that because it did not happen on your computer, then it must not have happened on my computer or that of MartinCucik, insisting that our browsers must have cleared our caches. Perhaps I misunderstood.

No. I said absolutely nothing of the sort.

Unfortunately, I cannot. My phone has been misbehaving and I had to reset some things over the weekend. Perhaps @hbar1st can share what browser settings on her end were doing this.