Cheapest web hosting service

What is the cheapest per monthly web hosting service out there for a novice to share his creation?. Thanks.

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There’s lots of free options if you’re just starting out.
If you’re 100% new to this, you don’t need your own hosting. You can use something like github pages or netlify


Thank you for the reply. I am fairly experienced in java programming but not so much in HTML/CSS/JavaScript combination. As I build interactive websites, want to upload and get feedback from peers. Will github pages or netlify be still good?.

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Absolutely! And if your page won’t have multiple routes, you can also try — sure-fast and super-pleasant deploy experience (literally two lines on the terminal):

npm install --global surge
4 Likes is not the best solution if you need https for custom domain

totally! However, if it’s only for getting feedback, I love surge because it just takes 30 seconds to deploy so the feedback loop is really small :slight_smile:

Sylwia, thank you for letting us know about the site. Though I installed, there was a message looking for the login details of the site. In the site did not see any place to get them. Please help.

The first time you run surge from the command line it should ask you for your email address and allow you to choose a password. You don’t need to do anything through the surge web site.

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Just like @bbsmooth said: the first run is just a registration type of thing. You don’t need to go on the page, just provide the email and whatever they ask :slight_smile:

The answer is dependent on what you need for a website. Is it a simple informational page? Will it become the next Craigslist? Google?

Will it need a CMS or database connection?

Is it something you will be doing yourself or will you need help?

Also cheap isn’t always the most economical. You get what you pay for and sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more for better service. (I learned that one the hard way).

You can’t get much cheaper than free. There are options to host a website for free like WIX, WordPress… But the free account has limitations. I wouldn’t recommend them for a business.

S0 your looking at 4$ a month for something simple and $30 a month for something more in a managed WordPress setup. It goes up from there for more bandwidth, etc.

I’d suggest finding someone that already has a shared hosting account or an AWS account. I have both, a shared account on GoDaddy and AWS Cloud.

For WordPress or a CMS I’d lean toward GoDaddy. For a simple static page or a starter site I’d lean toward AWS.

Hi @abusalim — that’s all true but please notice that the original post specifies:

for a novice to share his creation

And later @ashliii says it’s just to share the projects and get feedback. Thinking back to when you yourself were a novice, were your projects Craigslists? From this perspective, I don’t think that learning how to admin WordPress (majorly dependent on PHP) or AWS (a new technology in itself to learn) is the most efficient solution here and can be just very confusing and discouraging.

I am using Cloudways with DO server that cost me monthly $10 with free SSL and backups.