Choosing editor the best one

hello everyone
may help about choosing editor the best one

“Best” code editor is a pretty subjective term. Wars have been fought over this. It also depends on what you are looking for. Do you want to stay open source or are you willing to pay for it? What OS are you going to run it on? Do you want just an editor or a full IDE? Which languages are you going to be coding in?

My suggestion would be to use google to find editors based on your requirements and try them out.

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The most free used editor worldwide and for all languages is VS Code it is developed by Microsoft and known for its light dependencies, some languages are supported by default but most of them you will have to download and install them manually on your laptop.
On Android, I found super free editor and compiler App for most languages , it is using online dependencies for each language, so you have only to install the app Online Compiler

Happy Coding

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The best editor is the one you feel comfortable with and can create code comfortably in. Some are better than others, but it’s not make or break for your ability to make good code.

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open source i mean free down
in windows! full ide of cours / all in one /
i am new in web devl how can you help me to get more
think you so much

thank you so much
can i have ur email

agree with you but i dont have any idee about that
cz i just start that staff

For web development and developing on Windows, using VSCode as suggested by @i-tech is probably a good idea.

Due to it’s popularity (and also in here), you may be able to find help much easier if you got any trouble with using the editor.

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as I don’t have a local environment, I really like, it can also be linked to the github account…