Code editing tool

I’m just a beginner and would like to know what would be the best editing tool to download?

seems vsCode is the most popular among web devs nowadays, I haven’t had any major issues with it so far.


Thanks I appreciate the advice. ill look in to it.

Visual Studio Code or WebStorm / PHPStorm

Personally, I prefer WebStorm, I’m just accustomed with the shortcuts and the plugins. Visual Studio have them too but in another form. It’s just my opinion.

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vsCode is good, I am using it too

Umm … I’m using Visual Studio. If you don’t have RAM enough, your best bet is vsCode or Notepad++

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Yes, vsCode is one of the best Code editing tool.

There is no such kind of best coding or worst coding software. All coding software are just the same with different technique usage. The editor you will be using also depends in what language you’ll be writing.

If you’re referring to a programming language, that depends on a multitude of factors. Best for jobs? That’s Java.

VS Code is the best tool out there. We can code any language or framework flawlessly in VsCode. I use VSCode for my Node.JS, Angular, React, Vue and what not it works for 99% of the frameworks present #VsCodeLove