Clickable Image/Chart Tribute Page

My tribute page is on Presidential Firsts. I want to include a image of a chart of all the presidents and then have it scroll down to that president in the list below. Does anyone have any links to tutorials or keywords that I can use to search. I’m not sure that I’m using the correct terminology.

So you want to have an image of all presidents, like this:

and when somebody clicks on a president’s image, you want to show a list of his firsts, right?

Yes that is exactly what I want.

Provided you have all the president’s pictures and lists of their first, you can do this without any custom css or js (only bootstrap and your html).

You’ll need two bootstrap components:
card for president’s portrait
and modal for showing firsts list.

Optionally you can also use jumbotron for page description.

Keep in mind that codepen is now using bootstrap 4 as a default version.

Thank you for these links! I’m thinking of going in another direction now.