Cloud9 moved to AWS?

Has Cloud9 been taken over by Amazon Web Services?
I am getting redirected there.
Anyone know the news?

*Note: Bizarrely, with an older browser I am not redirected.

This may answer your questions:

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So, second question, has everyone moved over there?

People have been migrating away from cloud9 for a few different resources (you can find discussions here in the forum using the search bar). I believe that the official FCC recommendation is going to be Glitch.


Personally, I have no issue or noticed any bad things about C9 being part of AWS. Having said that, most projects I like to develop on Glitch: . Really easy set up, simple execution and fast deployment, I think perfect for FCC!

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I had some issues with Glitch recently when trying to deploy there. Is this because AWS C9 is not free? I haven’t tried registering yet.
Does Glitch allow collaboration? Or is it a case of use TeamViewer or such like?

Ok - on closer inspection there is a login for existing C9 users :smiley:

I haven’t used c9 since it became AWS, but the decision to change was made before largely (I think) because c9 started requiring a credit card for registration. I haven’t used Glitch myself.

I have used glitch instead of heroku for deploying the NodeJs challenges. It works well for this as it seems to have no free limit for deployments (unlike heroku)

@ArielLeslie Is Glitch Free Software (Open Source)?

It’s a free service. I don’t know if it’s also open source. If so, it probably says it somewhere on their website.

glitch is a website

I use Codenvy, check it out, for me it’s the best

Is this because AWS C9 is not free?

For anyone wondering what AWS C9 might cost…
AWS C9 is free under certain circumstances. On their pricing page it states.

New AWS customers who are eligible for the AWS Free Tier can use AWS Cloud9 for free. If your AWS Cloud9 environment makes use of resources beyond the free tier, you are charged the normal AWS rates for those resources.

Link below.
AWS C9 Pricing

I have been a happy user of C9 for a few years now, it’s great.