Code : undefine when i save the project " Build a Technical Documentation Page " in Responsive Web Design

I’m working with " Build a Technical Documentation Page " in Responsive Web Design. I encountered an error on codePen when I saved the project. That makes me unable to send the link to FreeCodeCamp.
I passed all 16.
Link my project in JSFiddle because i can’t save in :
Why ?
Please help me…
Link my project

What is the error you’re getting on codepen? It’s strange that if all the tests are passing that you’re unable to link the project on the Responsive Web Design project page.

The first time I tried it didn’t work for me and here’s why:

  1. Sign into Codepen

  2. Go to the template and fork it

  3. Then save it

  4. Now use it

Did you notice that your fiddle isn’t working? The error message you need to follow is cut off by the stuff on the left.

@KChantal Look at the title and author. It hasn’t been forked and saved yet.

@tlc35us Wow, that was a silly thing of me to miss! Thanks for pointing it out.