CodeAlly vscode virtual machine not starting

I am working on completing relational database certification. When I reached

  1. [Learn Bash and SQL by Building a Bike Rental Shop]

lessons codeally VM started at first and I completed around 50% of the course then it stopped unexpectedly. After that I am trying to resume the course but CodeAlly does not start its VM. Refreshed the page, logged out then back in to CodeAlly and freecodecamp account. Nothing helps so far. Can anyone help on this issue.


@moT01 here someone else needing your help

Sorry for the troubles @zeeshan.hayderr. There was an issue with loading containers for a little bit, many people were having issues - it should be fixed now. Want to give it another try?

Thanks I checked working fine now. But one thing happened my all codeally vms for different lessons gone except for 3 from codeally “Playground”

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