Codepen code stopped working suddenly

Frustratingly my codepen preview suddenly went blank when it was just working perfectly. I am quite sure nothing in the code has changed and I’ve even tried starting a new pen and trying out a more basic version of the code I currently have but I can’t get it to work again. I was working through this challenge and suddenly find myself lost for the last like 45 minutes trying to get back to where I was.

Would someone be so kind as to check my code and see if there are any obvious mistakes I’m missing? I’m not getting any error codes.

I wish I could say “I noticed everything broke after I made this change” but alas, even hitting “undo” after it went blank did nothing so I have no idea from where the issue stems.

I’ve figured out the offending line of code, but I can’t delete this thread unfortunately.

Apparently the reason it broke without me changing the code is because the API I’m pulling from changes the JSON depending on the weather. So the section of the JSON I was calling no longer existed, thus breaking previously working code.

I think that’s because if users could delete threads, they could consequently delete any user’s posts who posted in that thread.

Totally figured that is the case. Was hoping it was possible to delete a thread with no responses.