CodePen HTML Inspector warning - Need help finding the problem

I’m working on the Tribute Page and am receiving an HTLM Inspector warning. I can’t find the error in the code and it appears to be running fine. I copy-pasted into Brackets to see if it would show me the error, but it says there are no errors and the live preview comes up fine.


Any help would be appreciated.

Where does it show you have an error?

Inspector Warning. Sorry about that; I updated my original post.

When I run Analyze HTML it pops up with a yellow Inspector warning box, but doesn’t list anything that could be a problem.

It always shows the yellow box even if there’s nothing in the list. I just ran the analyze HTML on my own tribute page and fixed all the warnings and it still pops up regardless. If there was something to show it would have a list below that of the errors.

Good job on coding with no mistakes :).

If you want to make sure I would suggest using a “real” validator.

You do actually have an issue with the figure. If you wrap each of the images and figcaption in its own figure element it should be valid.

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All fixed. Thanks for the validator links! :slight_smile: