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Hey guys, I’m having an issue with codepen. When I want to start my Survey Form project, the menu to run the tests keeps disappearing once I start typing the first line of code. I didn’t have this issue with my first project, the Tribute Page. I started codepen in a different browser (Edge) but run into the same problem there as with my current browser (Opera). I rebooted my computer but still.

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Can you post the link to your codepen?


Codepen works a little different than when you set up a page in your local editor, the whole boilerplate is already provided for you behind the scenes. You only write what’s going between the <body></body> tags into the HTML panel.

In the extra boilerplate that you added, there’s also a few syntax errors. The <html> tag has only two children: the <head> and the <body> tag. The <title> goes into the <head>, and the <footer> goes into the <body>. This is how you’d normally set up a page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title id="title"><title>
      <!-- other tags for the head like <meta> and <link> -->

      <!-- all page content like <header>, <nav>, <main> and <footer>  -->

But as mentioned, you don’t have to write that in codepen. You only write the page content (everything between the opening and closing <body> tags).

Hi jsdisco!

Thank you. I’ve did a fast test and that seemed to do the trick! Tonight I will continue and hopefully my menu is still there!

Thanks again!

Don’t worry, it won’t run away… happy coding!

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