Coding community come and learn fast!

Hello Hello my name is Alison i m new at coding and didnt know my way to code i was at lvl 0 but then i find a good community here and at the discord they helped me alot now i am on my way to submit my first Project on fron end dev … Fcc has a strong community and i am hopping to archive what i always dream for to bee a web-dev and programmer , speaking of discord there are lots of well and talented guyz there they help me sometimes do the work for me to the point tat i fully understand i am very excited to learn more, i m very much surprised by the fact that ppl r loyal to the FCC after all those years there are guys at discord they sying they are passouts of FCC like they did front end and got job and now they are returning the flavors by teaching newbies like me any way if u want to meet the guys and learn more i would like to join there discord they are just too humble to let us all in and learn more THNAKS FCC!!! here is the link to their discord :

Hello Alison, I’m new at coding and am currently looking for a group in which I could join. I’d like to join that group if it’s not too late.