[College student] What should I put on github?

Hi guys,

I’m a college student right now. I have followed several tutorials and have put up a few small projects from tutorials on udemy. I got into the ethics of what counts as my project just today and I was wondering what I can actually put up on github. I know follow along tutorials aren’t my own code. But sometimes instructors give you an overview of an exercise (eg we’ll make this mini game or we’ll make this page) and let you build it before they give you a solution. If I complete the exercise myself would that be my work since I wrote the code and it’ll be somewhat different from the instructor’s code? Or would it not count because it’s too similar to what the instructor will produce because we’re both trying to create something similar?

It just like writing an easay for school
If you copy paste everything the teacher will find out

No I’m not talking about code alongs. I gave an example of the type of work I’m particularly confused about towards the end of my post.

Think of GitHub as file storage + collaborative workspace + professional network. It’s perfectly fine to put any files up there, but your repos should all have README.md files to tell others (and future you) about the scope and context of the repository.

If you want to use GitHub as a resume, you will want to get to the place where fully original work is in some of the repos you really want to showcase, but that doesn’t mean you should eradicate all other files you want to store.