GitHub as Portfolio Advice

Hi there,

Just a general GitHub advice question.

I’ve been following video tutorials and coding along the example projects the tutors build. I also push my “code along projects” to GitHub with my own repositories for them. I do not claim these projects as my own and I also add a description like “Coding along a tutorial from [tutor X] on the React series”.

What do you people think of this? Would it be better to make my GitHub exclusively unique projects that I built? Or is this not really a big deal to employers?

Personally, I don’t think it would be seen as a problem. It shows that you are motivated and trying to learn new skills. I’d be more worried about having a bland, dead GitHub than one that is constantly building projects regardless if they are entirely yours or not.


It’s not LinkedIn, it’s not Facebook: is not there as somewhere you put a pretend face on for the benefit of others, for personal branding or whatever. It’s a central place for you or a group of people or a company/organisation can keep code, that’s it. By all means ruthlessly delete dead stuff, but it’s a resource for you, put stuff you need/find useful there.