Should I make Github repositories from online tutorials?

how do you think, should I or not? I think there is a problem, because when I’ll do that there will be a lot of repositories on my profile which aren’t really mine and people will think I don’t really have anything to show.
On the other side high amount of contributions can represent my effort, how much Time I’m spending on learning, etc. My goal is to get a job as a Web Developer and (fingers crossed) after 6-8 months I should be able to apply for entry position. During this time I’ll be making a lot of projects with tutorials and I’m not sure, if this can help me with getting a job or maybe make it worse.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

There’s no problem with tutorials as long as you made or added a twists to your own versions, or i would rather suggest projects you built from scratch that is useful in real life situations, make projects like bookstore, product store etc. You can use or codepen to for your portfolio and send them to your clients.

Thanks for tips Mav, I already bought domain for my portfolio website, but my skill isn’t high enough yet to create something really attractive. So I’m using website as a container for FCC projects. Making my versions of websites from tutorials - that’s good advice

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