Comment my Voting App

Could you please check my voting app project? Login with github account. and create polls, votes, check all the subpages?

Here is the link for Voting App and Challenge .

It would be nice if you could play a bit with this app and verify wheter everything works as it should.


It is nice, I am jealous. But… just something I have noticed… You can vote more than once!!

So good, like best i have ever seen. Its so interactive.

did you use MongoDB?



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Thanks both of you. Your comments are really important to me.

About voting more than once - yes, I know it, there is no IP control for this project. It took me a lot of work, so i decide just to stick to challenge guidlines, and put this point in my ‘Lessons learned’ notebook :slight_smile:

About database - yes it’s Mongo. I’m using mLab with mongoose. It’s great for prototyping/development.

Thanks one more time!