Completed HTML but no record of

Hi, I just recently completed the first tasks, working with HTML but unfortunately it doesn’t show me any progress and the page always displays the “Sign In” button while I am working… upon clicking this button it does take me to the backend area though. I logged in using Facebook… could something be amiss?

The sign up button also displays on the “Curriculum page” which displays as though I have not completed anything.

Pretty good chance it is an issue that was being discussed in the following thread:

Assuming you are from AU/NZ, the temporary fix is to use a VPN of some kind and changing your location. You can find more information on the issue, and the solution within that thread.

I am from Australia yes. Thank you for the reply and the good information. Will use a VPN and hopefully they sort it eventually, thanks again.

No problem, I ran into the issue myself. I found the easiest solution was to download the Opera web browser and enabling their VPN and changing location. I’m sure FCC are doing what they can!

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