Completed my survey form page

This is my page. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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Super cute Design. I love the attention to detail.

The Using of the keyframes is an Impressive Touch. Again, Super cute.

The satisfied / Dissatisfied buttons may be better centered…I don’t know


The word 'to’:
At Cozy Cups, we strive (to)

A period after
recent visit ’ . ’

Media Queries:
for the smaller widths
(they are not daunting, and can be learned Very fast, If you haven’t used them already)

@bbsmooth May be able to guide you on the Accessibility aspects.

If you need any help with the Media Queries @ me at @ALLESS

@emendoza06 For me your typography is amazing and catchy. Love it!

  • Although for this project it might not be compulsory but you might want to consider having your form responsive across multiple screens (mobile, tablet and desktop). As this course is all about “Responsive Web Design”. You can take your time with it.

  • On the mobile view the layout is great but when we move to bigger screens it starts to look small and lonely. It doesn’t need to be extremely big trying to fit all screens.

  • Also for your textarea you might want to keep your resize on vertical as the layout breaks once a user tries to resize horizontally. You can learn more about CSS resize Property here.

  • Lastly try to have your input and labels start on the same line or at least let there be some uniformity. For instance your dropdown looks different from other labels and that might not be appealing to the user.

Overall you did quite an amazing job. Keep pushing and Happy coding :+1:!

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Both of these freeCodeCamp articles are useful for what @teamie were suggesting

I hope your next project is going well.

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