Completion of certification projects

Firstly, I love freecodecamp. its such a great resource. I’ve been working my way through the curriculum and cant get enough.

I have a question on how you all approach the certicifation projects in terms of just meeting the user stories vs making the project as ‘complete’ as possible.

As an example, I’m doing the D3 choropleth map project. My code meets all of the user stories, however there are some aspects that aren’t 100% there. E.g. the legend text is wrong and the tooltip just shows a placeholder text for now.

I’m going to go back and refine those aspects but was curious to know if you all just get the tests to pass and then move on, or do you try and get them as perfect as possible?

I’m going to iron out some of these niggles before getting the requesting the certificate, but would it be wrong if I didn’t?