Computational Furniture Design

Hi all,
Recently put out a project I have been working on.
The project is a little complex, so please bear with me.

It’s an open community for designers to make parametric furniture designs in the browser.
And you can download the design drawings to get it made (this is still rough on the edges).

I have been struggling with writing the docs. Would love to hear some feedback!


Interesting concept, good start, but the collection of designs needs to be far more fleshed out. In the gaming chair, you make some bad assumptions (why do people shrink between middle age and 60?) It would be better to use height. If the whole point is customization, the people who are going to want your product are the extremes, like the very tall and the very short. You should ask not just for height, but measurements like (heel -> back of thigh), (back of calf–> back of the gluteals when seated). For the very fat, you need to worry about compression strength, and torques in the pitch & roll planes. Yaw is less of an issue, but if one is designing swiveling furniture like gaming chairs, you need to have the bearing and pistons be able to handle the increase in normal force. I am sure you can google some measurements like the proportional weight of the different pieces of the body (thigh, arms, etc…) at different BMIs. This kind of data lends itself very well to computation. I’m not sure most people can 3-d print metals, but maybe you can set up a C&C machine. Depending on where you live, production costs may be low enough that this can be a profitable venture. I can see this being a great way to sell flat-pack Ikea-style furniture that has been designed by machine for the size and weight requirements of the individual.

I date a very short woman, and have an entrepeneurial mind, hence why this issues are near to my heart.

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Thanks for taking a look.
I agree with your opinions about the design for the chair. The chair design is actually to demo what the idea is about and I’m sure everyone’s also gonna have a subjective opinion about it.
You described the idea I’m trying to put out with this.
Have a look at
I’m trying to develop this as a platform for anyone who’s interested in designing such furniture pieces and they can go crazy with the level of customisation they want.
There’s a quick-start I wrote up and trying to gather general feedback if the idea is coming across in a way that anyone can understand it.
(The fact that you had to explain to me all of it tells me it’s not getting the message across :grimacing:).

For anyone who has ideas to extend a design can fork an existing project and take it forward. This is a new concept for designing furniture.
Would be happy to hear more if you have any thoughts.

Well, your landing page did communicate that quite well. The blog was kinda fru-fru and irrelevant, tbbh. The issue is that if you want to make only two demos, one should be super-simple, but clear, to show potential users how easy it can be. The other should be fully-featured, taking advantage of all the possibilities of the platform to show motivated users how flexible and powerful it is.

The concept of running a profitable open-source business by OWNING a maker space where you can make personalized IKEA-style furniture for users who input personalized data of the kind I suggested was just a free idea to monetize it and pay for your own maker space.

So, of the two of us, perhaps it was me who wasn’t making myself clear. Cheers! :wink:

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Among the products listed on the site, which one is the best?

If this is not inspirational I don’t know what is. Good work bro!!

Who can pick out for me the best product from the list provided in this site?