Confessions of a Google Spammer

This is a fun trip to the dark side. Every era has its sketchy get-rich-quick scheme.


Great article. Definitely makes you think “what would I do if I found a loophole like that?” I bet most of us would be seduced by the dark side, so to speak.

Have you ever had the chance to meet or interact with any black hat SEO guys Quincy?

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I haven’t met any true “black hat” SEOs, but I know lots of SEO specialists who use generally accepted best practices. There’s less money in doing things the right way, but then you won’t go through the crisis of confidence the author did :slight_smile:

Very well written and interesting, but I certainly don’t feel sorry for the guy. He made how many millions?

It doesn’t really work as a cautionary tale. “Oh noooooooo, I made millions of dollars for years and now I’m still making bank.” His life wasn’t sad because he was a black hat SEO specialist. He wasn’t “an empty shell of a human being” because of his career choice. That problem was more personal and of an introspective nature - how he measures self-worth. He’d probably feel the same way regardless of how he made his money.

It’s still a good article and entertaining to read though.

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It was an interesting read, but yeah, hard to feel sorry for the guy.

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Very interesting story.Now, definitely google is winning. For most business PPC is appealing than SEO. If you know how to do online advertisements well you can get more than 100% ROI on your spends.
Still there are loop holes, Sites like PRnewswire are promoting websites through their network of press release websites based on subscription schemes. Sadly, It is working for few websites. Hope they will be the next to go down

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