Earning money online fast?

Hey, I am a student, and recently I have spent 200$ on Google AdWords to earn money fast, but I have lost my money. I wanted to ask that is there any legit ways to make money online and without any investment?


According to yourself…



Ad revenue takes strategic planning…and something interesting to offer. If you have the skills: upwork or Fiverr.

You might consider Task Rabbit if you don’t have the skills

  1. Professional gambling
  2. SEO consulting/affiliate marketing etc (I guess you already tried that one though)
  3. Ponzi schemes
  4. Anything to do with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ICOs etc (see 3)
  5. Direct marketing of things like health supplements (see 3)
  6. Drug dealing
  7. Becoming a productivity/healthy living guru

I don’t know why but number 6 just made my day haha :joy::joy::joy:

Are we in the era where people can make money off drug dealing online though?

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Ach, I was thinking all that dark web/silk road stuff but I guess those damn feds spoiled everyone’s fun :frowning:

Yes, 6th one is definitely a good option to make some fast money :rofl::rofl::joy:


fast way to make money with no marketable skills?

f*** no


Making money online isn’t easy, that’s just some BS that self-appointed gurus talk about. That said, there are ways to make some cash if you’re willing to put in the work:

  1. TestmyUI
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Market research studies
  4. Watch videos online through Swagbucks
  5. Download Neilsen app ($50/yr)
  6. Surfing the web with InboxDollars
  7. Task Rabbit

Eduardo has definitely mentioned some really good points to get started on making money online.

I’d also suggest you go for freelancing if you have some skills.


Yes, actually there are a number of ways you can make money online. If you have good technical skills then chances are you will be able to earn around $2k easily if you are consistent with your work. I suggest reading this blog WebEmployed that shares some really great websites that you can join for online work.

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Earning money online is not hard if you are a risk taker, with the power of the internet and hard work earning can be done with help of these useful tips:

Blogging: At starting everything is tuff and hard and you won’t believe at the rising stage you won’t get anything but quitting at the first is wrong, you must never give up upon anything. You need to work more hard with more positivity in your life decisions.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Freelancer: If you are good with your skills and with the power of that you can start anything which you are expertise on like, creating a website or working with different portals own your own method is a great thing.

Become a consultant: Consultation is hard but if you are a problem solver than you may find many opportunities waiting for you. Every business needs a consultant to provide him the best advice for his business.

Youtuber: This is the most trending way to get famous and earn income online. You just need to post good quality content and videos on your own channel and make some good money. Your passion and hobby can help you in earning way more your expectations.

Hope you like it and this can change your thinking process you just need to believe in yourself and you will find so many paths waiting for you. All the best!

If time is considered to be an investment then the answer to that question is simply no.
most online work is to spend one’s time in exchange for money.
until… one’s time is more valuable than one’s money.

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Take a trip to the dark side of the Internet and you’ll have answered your own question:)

Edit: So it looks like I am too new to the forum to be able to post links yet. Anyway I just wanted to add a link to the ToR and Hidden Wiki websites for you. I teach university-level tech courses and my students are always blown away by the availability of illicit drugs on the Deep/Dark Web.

Mind if I ask where you drove the traffic to. Because if you don’t have the setup in place to properly capitalize on the increased traffic to your website you are bound to make losses. Which is a problem that cannot be solved by putting any amount of money into advertising.

Without any monetary investment, sure, but in exchange you will have to spend a lot of your time doing mind numbing work that does not give you any value at the end of the day.

Since you mention that you are a student, have you checked out online tutoring sites like Chegg. Another alternative which requires a lot more time investment would be a crowdsourcing quant site like worldquant. They’ll have you making investment strategies on a simulator and give you a contract based on your performance. The resources for learning can be found on their site itself, and I personally know a lot of people in my college who earn an income this way.

Hell, even Amazon gets in on it with the Mechanical Turk. And if you aren’t sci-fi nerd enough to get the “Mechanical Turk” reference (either of them), then I just don’t even know.