Confuse in learning js

I stated learning js 5 month ago. Right now I am in java script algorithm and data structure project. I learned a lot of things past month. I did not have any programming knowledge when I started learning Js. So, sometimes It’s kinda overwhelm for me.But now I have some little doubt in my mind. after I successfully crack challenges I read get a hint to see how freecodecamp solve this problem. Sometime I saw they are using methods I didn’t know. Like last week I just found there is a method name .fromcharcode(). Well, at the end of day my code works but did not about this methods make me fill I still lacking in js. So, is it okay to not knowing some of this methods?


Yes, it is ok, to a certain extent. As long as you get the challenges passing, you are learning something. It’s not so much about learning specific functions as it is being able to solve problems with the tools you have, so if you can solve the challenge without .fromcharcode(), then great!

That being said, you should definitely check out some sort of JavaScript reference and read through it. You don’t have to memorize every function (very few professionals, if any, know them all), but knowing that a certain function exists makes it very easy to look up. Google is your best friend as a developer, you just have to know what to search for.


in my opinion methods are easy tools you can use to solve a problem but you can use them in most of case and you can know them all by practicing everyday just google them and MDN offer nearly all string and array methods.
anyway if you could do what a method does in another way like using for loop, for example, you’re so good and just keep learning, and good luck in your journey. :slight_smile:

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Hello @Ankit006.

Don’t get discouraged. I remember when I had to do JS exercises nothing made sense, after a certain point I was just studying from the hint to pass the challenges and thought I was cheating. Believe me, you learn doing this and you will notice it when you get to the projects. I also suggest you check some books, look for “You Don’t Know JS” in Github, it is a free online ebook about JS.

Good luck and don’t give up!


Why Trying only Js. Try some other and latest framework like flutter