Confused on which programming path to take

I’ve been with FCC for almost a year and along the way have picked up Java to learn as well. My problem is I have no idea what kind of programming job aim for. Front-end, Back-end, cyber security etc. I know I want to pick my profession as early as possible so I’m not just learning random things but i have no clue how to go about deciding what to go for.

I understand that’s a difficult choice but instead of think about what to choose, try to focus more on what you’re most passionate about… if you’re more into cyber sec you should develop those skills, otherwise keep going with front/back or full stack! You should let your passion guide you and see where that brings you. :smiley:

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It is better to first think about which job you want in the future. After deciding what you want in the future, it will be easy to select among Front-end, Back-end, and cybersecurity.