Connecting to freeCodeCamp forums using GitHub as the login method

I had changed my GitHub name and needed to re-link it to the profile on freeCodeCamp. The thing I noticed after un-linking and then re-linking is when I go to l login with my GitHub credentials to access to forums, it takes me to the freeCodeCamp forums page through the pop-up window where I had been prompted to enter my GitHub credentials. Since it is in the pop-up window, I am not able to drag it over with the rest of the tabs.

Prior to this, I believe after the sign-in process a new window was opened and/or tab based on my browser settings. Just wondering if this should be occurring and if anyone has come across this before.

EDIT: Screenshot of what is occurring. I cleared the cache to see if this might resolve it, but the same thing is happening.

Not sure why you are seeing that behavior. Does it happen with other browsers?

You should be able to just refresh the tab you have in the other window and still be logged in, right?

@lasjorg Correct, when I refreshed the tab in the other window it did redirect to the forums. The original browser I used is Firefox. I just tested it on Chrome and Safari and it worked as expected.

I just logged in using Firefox and I’m not having that problem. Not really sure what is going on. Does other links open up in new tabs like they should (try this _blank test)?

@lasjorg the link you posted works fine. The issue came about due to the following steps:

  • I logged into the forums using original GitHub credentials

  • Made the name change on GitHub

  • Proceed to un-link and re-link on [Preferences > Associated Accounts] in the forums in the same browser session

When I closed the session entirely, it worked. Just tried that now.

So it works now?

If I understand the process correctly, I guess that might make some sense. Using a new window might be part of a security/session isolation thing. I don’t really know enough about it to make a good educated guess.

It is working now as expected.