Considering to leave day job and go full on learning web development

The warehouse were I work is not making any good to my back, I am at the moment on light duties because a work-related injury. Needless to say the money is not great.
Im not a kid, im 42, but I am thinking just to leave my job, go back to mums and learn as much as I can until next summer.

Have you had any experience going full on learning to code?

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Hi. I am in a similar situation except that I have a wife, children, so I can’t just quit my current job without a solid goal. There are incredible free resources to learn code, many active communities sharing their experience, and, of course, a lot of opportunities to catch. Motivation is more stronger that certificates (they are many positives stories to read on this forum). Nobody cannot decide for you, but if you can go back to mum, may be you could try.

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I’ve done it, and saw success from it. However, I would be very clear what your goal is and have a clear vision what success looks like.

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I left the city where I’ve lived for over twenty years to a new city where I had no friends or family, just to immerse myself in code. Sometimes in life we need to take that giant leap of faith, but we also need to be prudent in our choices.

Think deeply about this, take time to plan and strategize, and then unleash massive dose of actions.

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I actually did something similar. I hated life jumping job to job, so the wife and I sat down and laid down a budget. Since then I’ve been grinding five hours a day at code and loving it.

Good luck!