Couch to 5k running support

I’ve been spending too much time sitting in front he of the computer and need to get back into shape.

There is a running program called Couch to 5k that takes people off the couch and gets them in shape to run a 5k in 7- 12 weeks (depending on which plan/program you choose.)

There are a ton of apps you can use to keep track of your progress.
I am using Zombies, Run! 5k Training android ios
You can, of course, look up your own plan and track yourself with a pen and paper and stopwatch.

I thought maybe others might want to start running with me. We can post our runs here and keep each other motivated.
Anyone can participate, maybe you can’t run but you can walk or swim, that would still be fine to share if it helps you keep motivated to do it.


Here is my intro mission, it was just walking.
And I went ahead and did the week 1 workout 1 as well.

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For anyone clicking the android link and getting “Unavailable in your country”, try the following link


I am on the pen and paper route. But in and starting today. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I usually walk between subway stations. The station south of me is about 2km away. The station north of me is 3km away. I’ll record on paper then see if I can cajole my old android phone to accept an app.


Android has google fit, so you could start a walking activity and it would track it. You can also set it up to where it tracks it automatically.

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Seems like a fun challenge. I will try it.
Would have to start tomorrow tho… GoT tonight :slight_smile:

I just knocked out week 1 workout 2.
I switched to shoes instead of doing barefoot like my last run.
My ankles were too sore. I’m not used to wearing shoes either I guess, cause the bottom of my calves burned this whole run. I had more gas in the tank but couldn’t use it cause my lower legs were on fire.

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Good Job zcassini :smiley: Week1 work out 1 dun and done here 2.

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I loved the C25K programme. I finished it a while back, even got up to running 5 miles straight (although it was hard as hell) but then I went on holiday, didn’t run for 3 weeks, came back and now I’m back to around the 2.5 mi mark :frowning: Trying to work my way back up!

The first few weeks I felt like I’d never run 20 minutes straight or more, but it’s amazing what perseverance can do!

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I’ve been working my way back up to an hour on the elliptical 5 days a week, but I’ve thought of putting C25K on my phone again. I’ll take this challenge to switch over from elliptical to treadmill at least a few days a week.
@zcassini - if you can afford it, it’s really worth it to go to a running store and get professionally matched to a good pair of running shoes. Bring your current shoes and be prepared to run on a treadmill and/or outside the store. They’ll look at how your feet are striking and put you in shoes that reduce pain.

I really miss having an office with a gym in it. :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve got a nice pair of Brooks I got from visiting a running store. Those shoes are expensive for sure. I’d still like to where I am comfortable running barefoot. I’m used to walking barefoot every day, was hoping the c25k would be slow enough for my muscles to catch up, but it doesn’t seem like it is.

I can walk barefoot but not run barefoot. My right foot pronates really badly when I run even though it doesn’t when I walk or jog.

Oh, and if anyone wants to be my fitbit buddy:

Just finished up week 1
Feels good. Took a lot longer for my the bottoms of my legs to get sore today.


Zombies Run 5K is an awesome way to start running.
Your body will thank you (eventually)!

I started using that app several years ago on a treadmill. Prior to starting, I could barely jog more than 10 seconds on the sidewalk without painful shin splints. It took a while to move from the treadmill to the sidewalk, but now a few years later I’ve run a couple of half marathons.

Remember to keep at it! Have fun!

Some helpful points…

  1. Take the time to hydrate stretch after every run.
  2. Go into a good sports shoe shop and get fitted by an expert for a good pair of shoes, which fits your running style (Brooks, Asics, Mizuno etc). Buy the best pair of shoes you can afford.
  3. Only wear your running shoes for running and maybe cross training. Don’t wear them day to day around the house or going out.
  4. Avoid “internet reviews” of running shoes and gear, what works for someone else, may not work for you.
  5. Look at doing some sort of yoga, pilates or cross training as well. There are heaps of apps which will help, Fitstar, Nike+ Training Club etc.

Point 1 and 2 are the most important.

Just had a thought… Would anyone be interested in starting a Free Code Camp club on Strava?

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Week 2 Workout 2 finished.

Legs had 2 days rest this time, and the felt much better.


I just finished week 1 in C25k. I’m still trying to find the right walking and running paces to feel like I got a satisfying workout without hurting my knees and ankles. I’m also trying to work my way up to a pullup on running days, which is… mostly pathetic so far.

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I use Strava to log my runs. Here was my run this morning. I am supposed to run a 5K race Sunday (Sept 3rd), but I have been slacking on my speed work, so I might just run it for fun instead of trying to go “all out”.

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Got in a quick 5 mile run this morning, before the heat wave sets in later today.

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