Could anyone review my first 'proper' project using HTML/CSS

This is the portfolio project on FCC. I appreciate critical feedback so say what you have to say. I would also mention that I am about a week into this so my design skills are not yet good.

Thanks! :smile:

Cool, looks pretty good.

my design skills are not yet good.

Join the club.

I see a few duplicate ids or “project-item” - ids must be globally unique. If you want the same thing applied to several elements, that is what a class is for. Also, not everything needs an id.

    <span id="contactl">
    <section id="contact">

A section should not be a child of a span. Perhaps a div would make more sense there.

Your footer is invisible.

You have a closing html tag but no opening?

I would say that you don’t need that many fonts. In general, 1 or 2 will do.

You should add

<script src=""></script>

so you can run the test suite.

Still, it looks pretty good.

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Thanks buddy! and yes the HTML may be a little bit messy as I worked locally and then transferred everything to codepen. As for the footer, it is invisible as I cannot figure out how to apply it in codepen. Anyways thanks for your feedback. :upside_down_face:

@jenulds-dev You don’t need to create a new body tag. And if you want to import some thing there is a tool for it in codepen. Go to this post for more.

Your wed design is Great
If you combine these

it will be better!
Hope This Help

Hey, Thanks. I used viewport height so maybe the codepen layout affects the rendering but on typical desktop / mobile dimensions, the design looks fine I think. Anyway, I appreciate your feedback. :grinning:

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