Covid Survey form FCC

Hi, guys. I’m still working but would love feedback! Cheers.


great work so far!

Some ideas:

  • having some problems reading the white text on yellow background
  • I think the general readability would benefit from increased spacing between the questions and some padding between text and border

Keep us posted!

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Looks pretty good but can use some updates on formatting and styling.

  1. Have some padding for your input fields left and right.
  2. Input fields and input titles don’t look centered or aligned.
  3. The background image is good but I think it would look better as cover than as tile.
  4. Your form looks strange as it isn’t completely centered on the background. Maybe changing it to cover would help this.
  5. I would make the radio an checkbox input fields larger to match the text size.
  6. Add some text shadowing helps text pop out on the page well on a background like the one you have chosen.

Looks good other than that. Keep up the good work!

Good work.
Apart from what others suggest, I’d like to point out that the font of placeholder in textarea isn’t the same with other inputs.
Submit button is also longer than input boxes.