Creating an interactive webiste - asking for advice

Hi guys,

I have just completed js course and would like to start my own project as soon as I finish the Front End course. However, although I have learned a lot I still don’t know how to exactly proceed with creating a website. Hence, any advice will be appreciated. :slight_smile:


I want to create a website which will enable high-school graduates to assess their chances of being accepted to the program at University based on their final (matura) exam scores.


Students take final exams at the end of high-school.
Exams are: maths, english, biology etc.
Universities accepts students based on their score in the competitive manner.
Each course has its own formula to calculate candidates points:

(e.g.) University A:
BSc in Mathematics (Maths 70% +Physics20%+English10% )
BSc in History (History score * 50% + English score
40% + maths*10%)

And each university has its own formula to calculate candidates points:

University A: BSc in History (History score * 50% + English score40% + maths10%)
University B: BSc in History (History score * 40% + English score*60%)

Therefore, checking chances to be accepted to the courses at all Universities candidate is interested in can take a lot of time.

I want to create a website on which:

Candidates can input their scores from all the exams.
Candidates can choose which cities/universities/fields (humanities/stem/etc.) they consider.
Website will produce a list of programs to which candidate has a chance of being accepted based on:

  • candidates scored calculated by the formula for a given program at given University
  • benchmark score againt prior year treshold (lowest accepted score)

All the data about courses (formulas to calculate candidate scores, prior year treshold for benchmark) I would like to store in a database. I want to prepare pilot for few universities for them and then asked other universities to provide the rest of data by themselves. So I would like to create option to create account by universities and so they can provide me these data.

[What I got now]

  • basic HTML, CSS and JS from FCC
  • basic orientation in SQL
  • domain name and hosting with file manager
  • time and motivation :smiley:

[I lack]

  • experience and expertise - never create a fully functional website before
  • PHP - never used it, I am not even sure whether I need it or not


Do you have any advice how should I proceed?

How to make website use a database?
How to enabling user to log in to the website?
How to enable schools to input data into database?
How to write a script that will use data from the database and input data from user and return list of programs?

Maybe you have some critic thoughts?
Any advice will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hey @adam.stozek94. If you are creating a website that does database related stuff, I recommend you learn PHP (not SQL alone) as it’s essential for these type of websites. Also, I would suggest you to create your website in your local server (XAMPP) and after everything is ready, upload it to your original server and make it live.

Happy Coding!

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keep going also with the rest, your questions about back end can find answers if you continue the fcc curriculum


Thank you, will definitely proceed to PHP then :slight_smile:

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