Critique My Portfolio!

Hey guys,

I just finished up my portfolio. What are your thoughts on it??


Hey ! I absolutely love the design of your portfolio, it looks really neat and Professional, only thing is I don’t actually see any of your work in it haha.

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Thanks! That means a lot to me! When I complete 2-3 projects I will post them!

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Your work is amazing. I love it.

Very nice job :thumbsup: What about a navigation bar?

Hey @janepoho, nice portfolio website! Congratulations!

One small thing I’ve noticed: When you resize the browser the .hero-logo is responsible for a horizontal scroll which appears. That’s because you have it as position:absolute. Make sure you add a right or left property to it also so it won’t “brake” on smaller screens :slight_smile:

This is pretty, simple and well made. I love the black and white color

But I don’t see your work, you can a make a portfolio or something like that

Thank you! Yes, I had one but removed it because the site has so little information. Once I put in a few projects on the website I might add it!

Thank you so much for your feedback. Do you know a little more specifically how I could fix this?

Well, I would do something like: right:20% on that element. :slight_smile: Or any value do you think it’s fine.
This is just a fast fix I thought of.

hi this is great - perfect actually. i’m at this stage as well and got sidetracked. where can i go to get a reference on how to make something like this? thanks

In your “head” section on line 10 you’re missing a closing “>” in your “link” tag.

You’re loading Font Awesome three times, on line 12, 13 and 15. Link on line 12 is broken and link on line 13 leads to older version (4.4). Keep the one on line 15 and you’re good.

Cool site. I hear this question on blogs everywhere so I invite you to check out and feel free to critique at www. free web critics. com… what you think? In regards to your site…do you have links to any work you have done?

This is a nice simple portfolio. I think it’s well made with a nice overall-feel.
It could use some projects, more visual heirarchy, and a simpler more emphasized way to contact you.

This looks very clean and professional! Yeah, my main critique along with others is that you don’t have any other work on here, but obviously you can update that as you complete project. Great work!

jane i realy liked it, also the about part is nice !