CS50 Certifications

Do you guys here running Freecodecamp see certification for this course available in the future? And are you looking to obtain and add the rest of the Harvardx courses? Similar to what edX is doing?

Thanks in advance.


About the certs, isn’t edX selling it? I remember something like buy the official certificate of completition for 75$ or something similar^^ for the react native one^^

Furthermore FCC gives certs to complete projects so they can verify you learned to do something, not certs related to the fact you saw all the videos ^^
Maybe i’m wrong of course, that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

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That’s correct.

EdX offers Verified Certificates. Certificates are different from certifications, in that they essentially mean you completed a course.

freeCodeCamp offers Verified Certifications. These mean that you have passed some sort of standardized exam. In freeCodeCamp’s case - it means you’ve built the 5 required projects for that certification.

There’s nothing wrong with certificates. In our mind, certifications are more useful though.


Yes there is a fee at edX…

Indeed I understand these things, but that doesn’t actually address my question… But ill assume that’s probably a “no” as far as obtaining other Harvard courses in the near future and charging a fee for such certs.?

But let me know if my assumption is incorrect.

And thanks for the reply.

Yes - the answer is “no”. There already a lot of places you can get certificates of completion for online university courses.

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Duly noted, Thanks so much Quincy…

edX’s CS50 certificates cost $90. Too much to say you completed a free course.

Actually you have to do the assignments which can be quite challenging. David is a great teacher and the psa’s are great too.

When I took it you start with C. C is a very intimidating language (made me jump to javascript only to return back to it sorta (GO)). Memory allocation, and cmd line file compiling with gcc and file linking. In the early lessons you make the game breakout in C (can you imagine).

So you have to do the projects and submit them and I believe it’s 12 projects. It’s a brain **** if you are totally new. I love this class and still in my spare time watch CS50 videos to this day.


True. I have been doing some of the exercises in C and I have to say including the extras, like setting up the environment on my computer, that it is definitely a good learning experience… I started to love C after the course. there is a LOT of work involved to get the certificate of completion…

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And it can command a bit more respect and weight than your typical free online course given that its actually a “verified” cert for a Harvard course… Regardless though if one wants the certification or just to take the course for free it offers a new programmer some excellent fundamentals in computer science in general. Often people take up coding with no real idea how things work, or why things work, or how we got here from there so to speak… really good stuff…

Layer I actually missed your post long ago, yes you have projects that need to be completed, very good ones. And I think your confusing the term “verified”… When taking the cs50 computer science course at a place like edX verified means something a bit different than it does here.

It means that you as an individual are verified, (as well as your homework so to speak) You must provide an ID, whereby guaranteeing that it is YOU who completed the course, and it is YOU who has earned the certificate. Unlike for example here at freecodecamp. where an individual who may be looking at your certificate has no real way of knowing that certificate was in fact obtained by you personally…

Some info that would explain the difference between a “certificate” and a “verified-certificate”

And with a verified course you’ll often get access to extended course material, updated course material, a mentor, access to Harvard’s online community and cs50 forums etc.

And of course if someones just taking the course out of personal interest and if having a verified certificate isn’t required by a perspective employer for hiring or training purposes then going through it here, or anywhere else is just as well. The entire course is on youtube as well as many others on the cs50 channel… And at a place like this you have a community of sorts as well.