CU Boulder Post Bacc Degree in CS

Hi Everyone, I am considering pursuing the online post bacc (2nd bachelors) Computer Science degree at CU Boulder. Has anyone here done this program or know someone who has? It’s a little pricey and I worry about giving up time away from working. Looking for some pros and cons for this decision. (FYI I am in my mid thirties and attempting to change careers to software engineering 2nd time around). Thanks in advance!

There’s always a financial sacrifice in making a career switch in both time taken off working to learn (at minimum this could be 6 months to a year depending on your current knowledge), and also possibly an initial dip in salary as you start your career versus what you previously earned (depending on what your previous job was),

It is possible to make the career switch without the additional time and cost of a university degree,

And I know that university in the US is incredibly expensive so it may be a financial albatross you don’t necessarily need,

But that’s only my personal view and other people will have differing opinions

Take all answers you get on this forum (including mine) with a grain of salt as everyone’s circumstances differ and they can only inform you based on their personal experiences

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