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Hello everyone,

I am a junior in college studying electrical engineering. I really want a job in programming in future. I have experience with a beginning programming class using matlab I have learned concepts such as arrays, if statements, for loops while loops, a bit of algorithms.

I really enjoy programming and how it makes you think. I wanted to know what should the next step be. Should I follow a curriculum given by free code camp? Do i need to learn concepts such as data structures and data science?

I guess I need a guide to help me learn in the proper sequence. I was recommended by my prof to learn python first. I wanted to know your thoughts.

I know that you’re already fairly late in your college career, but I would encourage you to at least look into changing your major.

Do you know what type of programming you want to do? If you have no idea, then following the freeCodeCamp curriculum in order is a really good place to start. Your experience with MatLab will probably make some of the introductory JavaScript lessons go by quickly, but there are some important differences.

Yes, you need to learn data structures. You only need to learn data science if that’s a field you’re interested in.

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I wanted to switch majors. However there are no options close to me that offer it. I hope in my career to do electrical engineering with programming. Is there a way to print the pdf of the curriculum from code camp? I think I will start with the curriculum.

Thank you

the curriculum is all interactive lessons, there is no pdf available

there are a few books available online, like You Don’t Know JavaScript, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python and others that you can have available to read

plus don’t forget about documentation, like

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