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When doing the portfolio and other web design projects, are we allowed to use frameworks? Or do we have to do it from scratch?

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At that point in the curriculum, campers are not expected to be familiar with any frameworks (the Responsive Web Design section has not even touched on JavaScript yet). The tests are written with that in mind, and it is possible that you will run in to extra headaches when attempting to use a framework.

Additionally, the projects are intended to be a cumulative review of your learning for that section - so ideally you’d write your projects with the skills you learned in that section.

All that being said, these are your projects. So long as the code you write is yours, the tests all pass, and you have a live version to submit, you are free to approach them however you wish. :slightly_smiling_face:

for Responsive Web Design Projects ? you can use frameworks but the idea to learn vanilla html/css

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I think the answer to this question solely depends on where you are at with you learning.

Some people come to FCC and have zero programming experience while others have varying levels of experience.

If you are complete beginner and this is your first project, then I would highly suggest building your first few projects with plain html and css instead of reaching for a library or framework first.

But if you feel comfortable with using javascript or other frameworks and libraries than why not.

Like mentioned earlier, it is your project and you can build it however you want.

As long as the user stories pass, than build it the way you want to.

Happy coding!

the description of the Responsive Web Development projects include:

You can use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to complete this project. Plain CSS is recommended because that is what the lessons have covered so far and you should get some practice with plain CSS. You can use Bootstrap or SASS if you choose. Additional technologies (just for example jQuery, React, Angular, or Vue) are not recommended for this project, and using them is at your own risk.

there is no garantee that the tests will work if you use frameworks