Cut and paste/ copy in html

Hello everyone, I’m a rookie so I figure this question may have been asked elsewhere a half a million times: Is it possible to cut and paste or copy instructions from one row into an earlier or later one? Thanks in advance!!

I don’t understand your question.

Which row are you talking about?

In the edit screen and I apologize I’m not sure what to call a row of instruction, but say I have an instruction for a radio button and I want to move it above an embedded image; right now it seems like I have to delete the existing command and retype it so that the button moves from below the img to above it…

I was hoping for the possibility of a cut/paste/copy function ala MSWord.

You can simply select desired code and right click and hit copy. Then left-click on where you want it to be and right-click and select paste.

You can also use Ctrl + C in windows or Command + C in mac to copy and Ctrl + v or Command + v to paste.

Cool, you just saved me a bunch of time, thank you!!!

Interesting, I’m not getting the “paste” option. Maybe they want me to be redundant on the training stuff? Oh well, good practice I suppose…